PoSHStats for Hyper-V Server 2012

PoSHStats is the first free and open source reporting tool of Hyper-V Resource Metering. PoSHStats runs on your Hyper-V server to get detailed statistics like CPU, Memory, Disk and Bandwidth usage of your virtual machines. It's possible to get daily, weekly, monthly usage statistics of Virtual Machines. Also PoSHStats gets hourly performance data of your Hyper-V host to monitor your virtualization environment.

Download v2.1


Features & Specs

Power of PowerShell Many stats providers requires perl or additional softwares. But PoSHStats just works on PowerShell. PowerShell comes by default with Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012.

General Statistics PoSHStats for Hyper-V gives you detailed information about your Hyper-V host. It provides host CPU, memory and disk usage. All stats are being generate by hourly.

Bandwidth Usage PoSHStats provides hourly bandwidth usage of your virtual machines. It also gives you hourly / weekly / monthly network inbound and outbound traffic to monitor usage.

VM Monitoring PoSHStats monitors cpu, memory, disk and network usage to reports them to you. You can see any usage data in hourly, daily, weekly and monthly view.

Easy Installation No extra software or configuration changes requirements. PoSHStats is just up and running in a few seconds when you deploy it on your Hyper-V host.

Easy Reporting PoSHStats has many report exporting options. You can export all reports as an Excel document, PDF and CSV. Also copy function and print view are extra options.